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Modular Buildings

Key Benefits of Modular Buildings

Acrol Modular Buildings use prefabricated sections of buildings manufactured in the controlled environment of our factory. This translates into excellent quality control and speedy production methods.

Not Subject to DelaysCabin in Transit

As we are not subject to delays caused by inclement weather, delivery on time is the norm, and as associated groundworks for the project can be progressed at the same time as the building is being manufactured, shorter lead times from placement of order to handover can easily be achieved.

Working Relationships

Whatever the size and nature of your project Acrol Modular Buildings will work closely alongside you to ensure that everything goes smoothly and will


keep you aware of progress on the job throughout the entire contract.

From outline discussions in the early design stages, through full site surveys, preparation of technical drawings, the processing of planning applications and obtaining building regulation approval, Acrol Modular Buildings listen, advise and implement all necessary activities on your behalf.

Adding Modules

Being of modular construction, these building are able to be added to as your business needs change with modules adding further space and facilities as you need them.


Designed to Meet Your Requirements

Both internal and external finishes can be to your specification, whatever your taste may be, the internal finish can provide an environment to meet your business requirements.


External Finishes


Externally, finishes are available from resin based textured paint, through architectural steel panels, to a brick skin. Whether you are reflecting your corporate image or meeting local planning requirements, we are able to provide a building that.will suit all your needs.


Codes of Practice and Compliance


Our buildings are constructed in full accordance with relevant British Standards and Codes of Practice and also in full accordance with current Building Regulations.

In situations where regulations are more stringent due to location, environment or use, the buildings are specially designed to meet the required performance standards.

Independent Structural Framework


The steel framed modular buildings that we manufacture are designed around an independent structural framework allowing complete flexibility in planning your project. With all loads taken through the steel frame, an infinite variety of cladding finishes and glazing panels can be applied to ensure your project is not only structurally sound but also aesthetically pleasing.