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Design & Innovation

Meeting Your Requirements

Floor, wall and ceiling surfaces can be finished to your specification and all modern services, including air conditioning, etc. can be provided.

The external architectural appearance can be specified to suit your budget. The design can include a pitched roof. Brick, stone or decorative panel cladding to the walls can create a one off unique structure just for you. Alternatively, it may be designed to be compatible with other buildings surrounding it, or an extension to an existing building.

Modular Innovation

The main difference between Acrol Modular Building System and traditional construction methods are that the most complex and intricate construction work is carried out under factory controlled conditions well away from the site.

This ensures efficiency from the conceptual design stage right through to delivery, completion and handover.
Quality and Accuracy
Cabin Interior

Quality and accuracy can be constantly monitored, controlled and maintained at all stages of the design, planning and production process, to ensure that specification requirements and deadlines are consistently met. The net result effectively reduces both the cost and time taken to provide the finished building.
Modular Systems offer an attractive and cost effective alternative solution for buildings up to three storeys and an almost unlimited floor area.

Designed and Engineered

Designed and engineered to meet the current Building Regulations, Acrol Modular Buildings provide accommodation which can be traditional in appearance, of the highest quality and available to the user in the fraction of the time and at a much lower capital cost than the traditionally constructed alternative.

Arcol Modular Buildings offer a much simpler and more flexible approach to building management as their modular method of construction lends itself to expansion, contraction and even relocation according to the particular needs of the client.