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Design Considerations


Modular buildings are factory constructed using assembly line techniques in a controlled environment. These ideal construction conditions avoid the weather problems encountered out on site, eliminate material theft and reduce overheads and interest costs. When compared with the cost of a similar traditionally built structure, these benefits lead to real savings for the owner or end user.


The external architectural appearance can be specified to suit your budget. The design can include a pitched roof. Brick, stone or decorative panel cladding to the walls can create a one off unique structure just for you. Alternatively, it may be designed to be compatible with other buildings surrounding it, or an extension to an existing building.    


Acrol Modular Buildings offer a much simpler and more flexible approach to building management as their modular method of construction lends itself to expansion, contraction and even relocation according to the particular needs of the client.

The interior design of the buildings ensures standards and comfort meet the highest expectations. Energy efficient levels of thermal insulation keep heating costs to a minimum and the hardwearing finishes continue to look good with minimum maintenance. Your building can be fitted out with a range of accessories, including heating, partitioning, plumbing, blinds, air conditioning...


Our experience has shown that by involving Acrol Modular Building Systems at the conceptual design stage and at all stages thereafter, clients can save invaluable time and money throughout the building process.